dart:js_interop_unsafe library

Utility methods to manipulate JS objects dynamically.

This library is meant to be used when the names of properties or methods are not known statically. This library is similar to 'dart:js_util', except the methods here are extension methods that use JS types. This enables support with dart2wasm.

In general, we expect people to use 'dart:js_interop' and that this library will be rarely used. Prefer to write JS interop interfaces and external static interop members using 'dart:js_interop'. The APIs in this library are meant to work around issues and help with migration from older JS interop libraries like 'dart:js'.

As the name suggests, usage of this library is considered unsafe. This means that safe usage of these methods cannot necessarily be verified statically. Therefore, they should be used cautiously and only when the same effect cannot be achieved with static interop.